15-17 Altona St

Tenants come and tenants go, and inevitably the layouts of the offices change. We took over the maintenance of this building and had to go back to the drawing board as to ensure the best layout for the offices to accommodate for the changes of design over time.

20 Kings Park Road

We took over this buildings maintenance contract. In our first visits several floors of tenants were unhappy with the current state of the air conditioning, and its inability to keep them cool. We sent our senior technicians to determine the issues. The owners were contemplating a complete AC upgrade which would be an enormous investment.

31 Ventnor Street

This is one of many building that we look after in West Perth, with regard to Service and Maintenance . Four storey building. It has two Carrier air cooled DX Chillers on the roof. These are used as lead and lag in summer and then generally the main Chiller does not start during winter. The system has a 10,000 litre insulated chilled water tank that is pre cooled so that it takes considerable load off the chillers on start up each morning. VAV units on all floors, full BMS control, VSD drives on all of the Fan Coil Units.


This is what is called a Wet Scrubber. It job in life is to remove particulate from the air before it is released into the atmosphere. This one removes B class smoke which is produced when you burnt oil or kero. The Scrubber has a massive fan attached that moves some 9000 l/s of air through the Scrubber. Note that the unit has to be maintained on a very regular basis. This includes draining and cleaning the inside and charging with clean water. Plus servicing the fan motor and blower that generates the 9000 l/s to make sure all the bearings are well greased .