109 Stirling Highway

Our client was carrying out a full refurbishment of a building in Claremont. The building was an odd design and space was very tight. So it took some “out of the box” thinking to install new air conditioning systems into a building that originally had no real allowances for this.

222 Queen Victoria St

During installation

Our client was carrying out a full refurbishment of a heritage listed building in North Fremantle. The building was being fit out for a new restaurant and function area. Not only did we have to supply and design all required HVAC mechanical services, we had to ensure that we were not going to impede on its heritage charm.

Food Outlet

This client had a restaurant that had major issues with excess smoke in the dining area, we took on the challenge to design and install a system that was able to cope with the excessive smoke production in order to keep the customers breathing fresh air.


Ristorante Il Mandolino

This restaurant required our skills to help the restaurant comply with the relevant standards. They were utilizing a commercial pizza oven which would normally be installed outdoors. The difficulties of having the oven installed indoors, is the oven expels unburnt gas which can become a large fire hazard. Logistical issues prevented a simple ventilation set up.

The Stack

This is the exhaust stack from the Kitchen Exhaust Fan.
The contractors who installed it attached the stack to the fan and then braced back to the roof. Only trouble is when there is an issue with the fan motor is becomes a major issue.